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Too Many Companies, Owners and PE Funds Get Stuck Without the Right Resources

A leader suddenly leaves. Earnings fall flat. Competition out-innovates your team. Growth slows and getting to the next level seems impossible. You want to enter new markets, but don’t have the talent to succeed. We all have a long wish list, but how do you actually achieve it all?

Now you can have an on call specialized executive to capture opportunities and solve your biggest challenges. Engage our Rapid Executive Deployment® program to find the right executive for your company.

  Vision without execution is hallucination

-Thomas Edison

Find powerful management resources for these kind of needs:

Leadership when its missing

Business development and new business creation

Tactical help in boosting sales, operations, marketing or finance

Turnaround in cases of company distress/crisis

Help in launching a new initiative or product or service.

Merger and acquisition integration

We Reject 98% to Bring You the Best

Interim Execs Bring Results Fast

  • Defined goals, deliverables
  • No long term contracts
  • No risk of full time hiring mistake
  • No added expenses or perks
  • No long term benefits
  • No severance
  • No permanent overhead

The RED Team operators have achieved great success across industries ranging from manufacturing to technology, healthcare, services and nonprofits .

We work exclusively with accomplished interim executives who can be deployed on 48-hours notice around the world to assess operations, create the roadmap, then execute and implement the plan.

Of all the thousands of executives who have approached the Association, 98% fail to meet the team’s standards. 2% make it onto the RED Team.

Vision Share needed strong leadership in the form of a new CEO. We accomplished in the past 8 months or so more than we had in the past 3 or 4 years.

– Tony Bavuso, Board of Directors, Vision Share

How It Works:
Rapid Executive Deployment®

  • 270 Evaluation
  • Green Light
  • Candidate Review
  • SOW
  • Deployment

Think of us like Hollywood agent to the executive stars – we work to match you with the right talent through our proven Rapid Executive Deployment® Process.

Search services are free to companies. With 20+ years working with interim executives around the globe, we start by evaluating your needs, and once you give us the green light, if we believe a great match can be made, we will present one or more executive recommendations.

Rapid Executive Deployment In Action

Interim Execs has deployed leaders into big challenges and opportunities such as:

  • Interim CEO, Software Spinoff of $2.8B Parent Org
  • Interim CFO, Family Owned Security Company
  • Interim CEO, $30M Healthcare Non-Profit
  • Interim CIO, $500M CPG and Direct Selling Company
  • Interim CEO, $50M Food Company
  • Interim CFO, $80M Software Company
  • Interim CMO, Analytics Company
  • Interim CEO, Portfolio Company in $1B PE Fund
  • Interim CEO, $50M Manufacturing Company
  • Interim CSO, $30M B2B Services Company
  • Interim CEO, $30M Non-Profit Association
  • Interim CIO, Software SaaS Startup
  • Interim Corp Dev, Plumbing Company
  • Interim CEO, Education Company
  • Interim COO, CPG Food Processor
  • Interim CEO, $2.4B Petrochemical Company