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The Association of Interim Executives connects companies, investors, and
boards with the best interim executive talent around the globe

Many companies see a vision for a better future, but never hit the mark. They don’t have the internal resources to capture big opportunities and continue rapid growth, or they get stuck in leadership gaps, declining margin, operational inefficiencies, challenges launching a new product or service, or misalignment among the team.

Interim Executives gives companies access to a new breed of executives who focus their careers transforming and enabling growth in people and organizations.


The interim is trying to solve a problem and work themselves out of the job.

-Association of Interim Executives featured on NPR Morning Edition


Business Today Demands Speed and Innovation

Businesses must be nimble, executing well while making room for fresh thinking. Interim Execs connect companies with the best project leadership to fill management needs immediately.

With growing global awareness around the power of interim, we are leaders in the specialty, making top interim executives more powerful in their business, supplying them with valuable resources and serving as agent so they can operate at a high level and take on ever big challenges.


You offer a remarkable service. The Interim CEO was terrific and definitely the right choice for us.

– Rovena Schirling, Chairman of the Board, Tourette Association


The Interim Specialty is Here. No Job Seekers Allowed.

Interim executives walk into tough situations and employ world-class strategic and tactical abilities to get a company to where it needs to be in the shortest amount of time possible.

Once the fix is complete there is no sitting around waiting for a paycheck. This is a career, so a true interim exec is ready to jump into the next challenge.





profit, systems

and processes

sales and expand

markets globally

ineffective or

incompetent leadership

what is stuck, stalled,

shutdown or stagnant





the value of a current or

future transaction

organizational gaps: sudden

leave, maternity, military

the team, partners,owners,

boards and employees

a new product, process,

spinoff, JV or new company

A Message From Interim Executives

Damon Neth

“For company owners looking to achieve fast growth, the first thing is to look internally and be honest with yourself about where the company is at, what is the strategy, and where is it falling short.”

Damon Neth Interim CIO
Olivia Wolak

“Interim does not just mean placeholder. Interims are qualified experts that can address a challenge immediately, applying a specific skillset developed while transforming company after company.”

Olivia Wolak President, Association of Interim Executives
Robert Jordan

“A company does not need to worry about what to do with an interim executive long term. These execs aren’t worried about climbing the corporate ladder. Their focus is on results alone.”

Robert Jordan CEO, Association of Interim Executives
John Matthesen

“With a unique group of carefully selected executives and experts, Association clients and members can draw from a huge range of talents across many industries.”

John Matthesen Interim CEO
Michelle Barnes

“A lot of times organizations I am brought into don’t really know why they’re in the situation they are.  They just know that they’re in a bad situation.”

Michelle Barnes Interim CEO
Philippe Lavie

“The Association gives incredible exposure and you are part of an elite group of individuals that you know you can trust.”

Philippe Lavie Interim CSO


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