Everyone knows the U.S. healthcare delivery system is sick, and cost increases unsustainable. Difficult reforms are underway, piecemeal and painful.

Many experts have taken a swing at the U.S. healthcare behemoth. Who is powerful enough to take the problem on? Probably not government, probably not hospital groups, and probably not insurance companies, according to Ron Hammerle, an interim executive specializing in the healthcare field.

The solution to healthcare, Hammerle argues, involves large U.S. retailers, including those who might run the local supermarket. Still a minority viewpoint at this point, but Hammerle said it is rapidly catching on.

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A manufacturing renewal is quietly developing in the United States. The US is re-emerging as a best value manufacturing nation and is now very competitive with low labor cost countries.

Verto Partners LLC (www.verto-partners.com), a performance improvement firm serving the middle market as advisors to management, as interim management or in Board of Directors roles, has been tracking this “re-birth” and compiling information regarding emerging trends that currently support and will enable US manufacturing growth to accelerate in the coming decade. Any Company considering its own plans for manufacturing and/or sourcing manufactured components outside of the US should reconsider those plans in light of this developing trend. Furthermore, any non-US company considering manufacturing for the American market should consider investing in the United States.

(This article was co-written with Lance Wimmer.)

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